Before a sailboat enters a race, the captain charts the course, checks the sails and evaluates prevailing winds.

The most effective communications are released with a knowledge of one’s own strengths and positioning in light of competitors, the time period and marketplace.

If you need your enterprise to set sail for a weekend promotion we’ll craft your press releases; if you’d like to journey farther we’ll produce your print and electronic newsletters, newspaper ad, website, radio spot or event.

Our professional experience, degrees and certifications include market research, library and secondary research, writing and editorial management, publicity and photography.

Although we create simple graphic designs in house, we know your work looks best when we partner with a professional graphic designer for logo design, branding and beautiful layouts.

Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter? Google +, Pinterest, Hootsuite or Klout? Mac, PC or mobile device? If something new comes along that we don’t understand we’ll know someone who does. We’re willing to learn to use that new tool or teach it to you. We’ll also get down to basics, take out our hammers and nails and make that A-frame sign for you.

In crafting your message we’ll remember that the boat is yours. You have to be comfortable with the message we hone. Just like a good captain you'll sail farther and faster if you choose a great crew. If we can assist you with A Welcome Boost, let us know.